Expanding Your Business

Deciding to expand your business presents new challenges in addition to new opportunities.  While the challenges of expansion will be unique to your business, below are some tools to assist with your new endeavor.  For more information or to discuss your specific situation, contact the Office of Economic Development.

Finding a New Location

Whether you are looking for a larger facility or a second space, check our available listings. If you are interested in selling or leasing your current space, be sure to add your new listing.

Finding Skilled Employees

WorkSource Cobb helps to ensure an adequate supply of skilled workers while supporting the recruitment needs of businesses.  Beyond assisting in the search for new, skilled personnel for your company, WorkSource Cobb might also be able to assist in training your existing employees in the use of new technologies.

Funding Your Growth

If you're looking to expand within the City, be sure to see if any of our incentives can assist your expansion.  These include our Opportunity Zones, Military Zone, and Less Developed Census Tracts, and additional tools.  Eligibility requirements vary based on program, so review available information and contact the Office of Economic Development if you have any questions.